The new movie “the most beautiful day in the world” by and with Alessandro Siani

The new movie “the most beautiful day in the world” by and with Alessandro Siani and for which Maestro Umberto Scipione is composing the soundtrack will be released in 2019.
A copious and demanding work that had me immersed in writing for almost a year.
Five new original songs, a music full of tones and nuances able to range between the most varied musical genres,always chasing the melody, on the wave of a poetic mood that characterizes my compositions, so that each scene caresses an emotion, which stays in the heart of the spectator even after the scene itself “.
In this way Umberto Scipione defines his new work … Which, like every time, as for every author, is always the best.

According to Director Siani, leading actor and screenwriter, and Ansanelli, co -writer, the film “represents ‘the culmination of the fairytale mood started in Il Principe Abusivo.
I really like The fairy element, that in this movie is combined with another element as the movie opens to another world, the fantasy one, with many special effects “(from the interview of Piera Detassis during the Giffoni Film Festival 2018.)

The “most beautiful day in the world”, produced by Bartleby Film with Vision Distribution in association with Buonaluna, will see as performers together with Siani Stefania Spampinato (known for her role as Carina De Luca in the well-known American series “Gray’s Anatomy”, at her absolute debut in an Italian feature film), Giovanni Esposito and the little Sara Ciocca and Leone Riva

Posted on December 30, 2018 in Press

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