Composer, orchestra conductor, pianist, clarinettist, orchestrator and musical arranger, he is professor at the Conservatory of Music “Santa Cecilia” in Rome.
Umberto Scipione is a leading exponent of the Italian music scene in the world, a role of prestige acquired both thanks to his award-winning profession as composer of soundtracks for highly successful movies.

He has held concerts all over the world as a soloist and as an orchestra conductor. Soundtrack composer for movies, fictions, short films, radio dramas, documentaries and advertising. He has written the soundtracks for more than three hundred productions. Jury member for the ”David di Donatello” (Italian Oscar) and “European Film Academy”.

He has four nominations for David di Donatello for the soundtracks of  blockbuster films:
-Nomination David di Donatello 2011 for the Soundtrack of the blockbuster movie 2010 “Benvenuti al Sud”-
-Nomination David di Donatello 2012 for the Soundtrack of the blockbuster movie 2012 “Benvenuti al Nord”-
-Nomination David di Donatello 2012 for the original song for the movie blockbuster 2012 “Benvenuti al Nord”-
-Nomination David di Donatello 2014 for the Soundtrack of the movie by Carlo Verdone “Sotto una Buona Stella”-

Among the blocbuster films of recent years for which he composed the soundtrackes we also remember: Il giorno più bello del mondo (2019); San Valentino Stories (2018); Mister felicità (2017); Si accettano miracoli (2016); Sotto una buona Stella (2015);Un Boss in Salotto (2014); Il Principe Abusivo (2013).He is currently working on the soundtrack of the film “Chi ha incastrato Babbo Natale” by and with A. Siani.

Some awards:

Premio Cicognini 2018; Premio Padre Pio 2017; Biglietto d’Oro 2017 for the movie “Mister Felicità”; Premio YMF 2016; Biglietto d’Oro 2015 for the movie “Si Accettano Miracoli”; Film Award 2015; Premio “International Tour Film Fest” 2015;  Biglietto d’Oro 2014  for the movie  “Un Boss in Salotto”; Premio Venezia “L. Centra” 2015; Premio “Colonne Sonore” 2014 for the movie “Il Principe Abusivo”; Premio Chimera d’Oro 2014; Biglietto d’Oro 2012 for the movie “Benvenuti al Nord”; Premio “International Tour Film Fest” 2013; Premio “Una Vita per il Cinema” 2012; Premio “Sonora” 2012; Premio “Mimesis” 2012; Premio “Mompeo in Corto” 2012; Premio “Marforio d’Oro” for Music in Capitol Rome 2011; Premio “Rome VideoClip” 2012;  Premio Roma Video Clip 2012; Biglietto d’Oro 2011 for the movie “Benvenuti al Sud”.

Umberto Scipione

Every time I start a new composition, I try to create the music that remains in the mind and in the heart of the listener. That reminds them of the movie itself, and which has also the strength of an autonomous life.

— Umberto Scipione —
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